Rescue Skinny Paw Pet Shampoo

Rescue Skinny Paw Pet Shampoo

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Skinny Paw Pet Shampoo is safe for use on dogs, cats, and horses.

Made with coconut oil and pure essential oils, Skinny Paw cleans and replenishes your pet's skin and fur naturally, without using the artificial ingredients you find in most pet shampoos.

Rescue Skinny Paw Pet Shampoo was specifically designed to calm and relax your pet during and after bathing. Ideal for rescued pets, anxious pets, or pets in need of a spa day, Rescue Skinny Paw Pet Shampoo uses calming essential oils to make bath time less stressful.


Skinny Paw Pet Shampoo is eco-friendly and made from renewable resources that are utilized to create a replenishing formula to clean your pet naturally. It's surprisingly sudsy, too!

• pH balanced for animal skin
• Strong enough to clean but still gentle on the skin
• Allows you to keep both hands on your pet because there is no messy or awkward bottle to deal with
• Free of additives, preservatives, and chemicals


Step 1: Get your pet wet

Use water to dampen your pet's fur thoroughly.

Step 2: Lather

Place Skinny Paw under running water and gently work the shampoo into your pet's fur with a circular motion.

Step 3: Scrub

Use your hand or a brush to gently apply suds to remaining dirty areas on your pet.

Step 4: Rinse

Use water to rinse away all suds, and enjoy your naturally clean pet!