Belle Lees Boutique is an in-store and online fashion boutique that specializes in fun, trendy, and timeless pieces. Whether you are searching for the perfect outfit or the perfect piece of jewelry, Belle Lees Boutique has what you're looking for. We carry women's sizes XS-3XL! We also have a great selection of gift items, including candles, mugs, coasters, bags, etc. It was truly an honor to receive Best Boutique in the Bay Area for 2018 and 2019!

Belle Lees Boutique was created out of a desire to inspire women to accessorize, dress, and most importantly, love themselves. The meaning behind our name comes from the true definition of the type of woman we all want to be. Someone who is always the best dressed for any occasion, someone who can perfectly match from head to toe, and someone whose outer beauty is only exceeded by her inner beauty. This seemingly eternal woman, who embodies this description, is my incredible grandmother. 


"Belle" is French for beautiful and "Lees" is created from my grandmother's name. It all started with the desire to be a beautiful, classy woman, the dream to own my own shop, and the need to inspire other women. This is how the story of Belle Lees Boutique begins. Help us create the next chapter. 

Jennifer Pruett


Belle Lees Boutique 


355 Columbia Memorial Pkwy Kemah, TX 77565



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