Mexican Food: The Ultimate Cookbook


This comprehensive guide takes you on a tour of Mexican cuisine. From Indigenous traditions to colonial influence and beyond, Mexico has absorbed different local and foreign influences for generations, which is what makes the country’s food so delicious and varied. With these recipes, you can enjoy dozens of bold entrees, sauces, salsas, sides, beverages, and desserts, alongside tips and techniques that help you extract maximum flavor from each ingredient.

In this collection you will find:

  • 300+ easy-to-follow recipes that utilize regional authenticity and modern flair
  • Stunning original photography and illustrations that will inspire you to make these mouthwatering meal
  • Insights and recipes from industry insiders
  • Comprehensive breakdowns of elemental ingredients like masa, chile peppers, epazote, and mezcal
  • A fascinating history of this culture’s cuisine

This cookbook captures the spirit of this cuisine and provides a detailed look into the diverse approaches that shaped Mexican tradition over the centuries. Spanning coastal delicacies, hearty mountain dishes, and delicious street tacos, the recipes in Mexican Food: The Ultimate Cookbook reflect the many types of Mexican food.