Austin The White Owl - TY

My face is framed and tipped in black, the rest of me is white. Underneath my wings there is a black and glittery sight. It's been said I'm a magical creature with wisdom I can share. Look into my eyes then you'll realize that you really should beware. They sparkle gold and look into secrets from the past. People ask me in uncertainty if their happiness will last. My answer to their query might not always be the same. It depends on if they remember that Austin is my name.

June 2

I fly around, looking over the beautiful sights Searching for friends like you underneath the bright lights.

  • Made with super soft Ty Silk fabric
  • White owl with black tip dyed face
  • Sparkly gold glitter eyes
  • Black sparkle accents on nose, feet, ears and under wings
  • Makes a great Graduation gift
  • Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem
  • Surface clean only
  • Small: 6 inches