My Drink Bomb Infuser


Infuse Your Booze:

So what does that mean in the world of cocktails? Basically “infusing” is a technique where you put an ingredient with the flavor you want (fruit, spices, herbs) into a liquid that you want to taste like that flavor (typically spirits or liquors.) After waiting a bit, and use as desired.

Infuse Your Booze made it simple and easy to create an elixir for your cocktail with a double insulated bottle and stainless steel strainer.  Simply add a infuser packet.  Add preferred alcohol let infuse and pour over ice. Add a splash of sparkling water for light and refreshing cocktail spritzer. Can be used to infuse tea or coffee Each Tube and glass jar comes with infuser packet. For intense flavor or elixir leave overnight and re-use multiple times. Best served over ice!

Decorative tube, glass jar, and infusion packet