Shower Burst Tablet - hydraAromatherapy


Healing: revive with purifying tea tree & lavender

Clarity: awaken with cleansing eucalyptus & peppermint

Relax: release with lavender & bergamot

Refresh: restore with grapefruit & lavender

Stress Buster: relieve stress with lemongrass & ylang ylang 

Headache Buster: relieve headache with peppermint & lemon 

Hangover Buster: relieve hangover with juniper & rosemary 

Cold & Flu Buster: relieve cold & flu with eucalyptus & lemon 

Focus: an enlightening blend of Rosemary & Peppermint 

Unwind: a calming blend of Lavender & Peppermint

Dream: a tranquility inviting blend of Lavender & Chamomile